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Lady Ranger Round Up Week of Dec. 12-16

News and Notes

The Season is here! Scrimmages! Bus Rides! Games! It's a roller coaster and it really is like going to an Amusement Park. Seems like you wait in line forever, for the ride to be over in flash. So embrace the day. Make the most of each and every opportunity. Take it all in, because each day has the potential to be special, and each day can truly be whatever you want it to be.

Weekly Recap

Last week we kicked off our FanAngel Fundraiser, started hanging our team banners, and finished off the week with our Annual Blue Santa Scrimmage versus Cedar Park.

Please continue to add emails and phone numbers to your FanAngel profiles if you can, as all donations help us reach our goal. Also please share the above QR code with friends, family, co-workers, and businesses as way to help contribute.

Team Banners are being hung. JV banners were shipped at the same time as Varsity banners but the tracking # still shows in Transit. So hopefully those will be here on Monday, and we can hang them on Tuesday. They look really good and I'm excited to get them up.

And our Blue Santa Scrimmage was a huge success. It was so exciting getting to put the uniforms on and to get the season started. Between Cedar Park and Vista Ridge we collected over 210 new toys for the Cedar Park Police Department. That was Amazing and so glad to be a part of this community event.

The Week Ahead

Monday- Scrimmage at Pflugerville

Tuesday- B day- Black- JV will end at 3:35 / Varsity will end at 4:00

Wednesday- A Day- White- JV Will end at 4:00 / Varsity will end at 5:00

Thursday - B Day- Photo Texas Team Photo day- All Red- Black shirts for practice

JV practice ends at 4:00 / Varsity 5:00

Friday- Scrimmage at Lake Travis

Pflugerville Scrimmage JV 4:30- Check the weather- pack accordingly


bus leaves at 3:15

Varsity 5:45

-white/black/white - Pack Rain Coats

bus leaves at 4:15

*JV Bus will return to school at halftime of the Varsity game on Monday.

Should be back at Vista around 6:30.

Thursday - Team Photos from Photo Texas-

Both teams will wear all Red

Order forms will go home with Lady Rangers on Tuesday.

A link to the media day photos is also forthcoming and those pictures will be available for purchase for up to a year.

Friday Scrimmages at Lake Travis

Both Teams will wear All White

JV Bus will leave Vista at 2:30

Varsity Bus will leave Vista 3:30

I would prefer all Rangers ride to the game together and back together, but if you need to take your student, then please fill out the Travel Release form.

Also because Friday is a half day at school and the girls will be staying after, we will provide a food ordering option for the girls. I will send a link out on Tuesday for their food ordering options.

Coach's Christmas Gift Guide

Still in need of some Stocking stuffers or gift ideas?

Massage Gun- These retail at Costco for under $50 and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Hand Warmers- Found online and at Academy, One box is enough for the family for an entire season.

Lastly, Stank Stix- If your Lady Ranger's bag and shoes smell like a locker room then these are a must.

Sponsor Spotlight

Thank you to PowerStack Energy for your Support of Lady Ranger Soccer

Final Thoughts

Just a Reminder that this is the Final Week of the 6 weeks. It was only a 5 week grading cycle. Vista Ridge does not have semester finals, and this week the focus is on Continuous Improvement and finishing the six weeks strong. As a reminder, if you were to fail for the 6 weeks you would miss 9 Varsity games or 11 JV games which is almost 1/2 the season before you can regain your eligibility. Remember that your are Students first and athletes second. Make sure to take care of all assignments and leave nothing to chance.

Let's have a great week and Go Lady Rangers!

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