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Lady Ranger Round Up 23-24 Season

Welcome to the 2023-24 School year

Good Afternoon! I just wanted to take a moment to welcome all of the returning Lady Rangers and families back for another year of Lady Ranger Soccer, and to also take a moment to introduce myself and say welcome to our newest Lady Rangers and families.

My name is Shad Green and this will be my 5th year as Head Coach at Vista Ridge, and my 28th year overall in coaching. My family and I moved here from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and have truly enjoyed living in Central Texas. My wife works at Stiles MS, while I have one daughter who graduated from Vista Ridge, another one attending Vista Ridge and 3 more over at Rutledge.

The coaching staff will once again be comprised of Coaches Aaron Terry and Ashyr Kleist. They are great coaches, educators, and role models; and we are thrilled to have them back on staff this season.

We will utilize this Newsletter to convey information about the upcoming week and you will receive this each Sunday. Please check your email, Sportsyou, and follow us on Social Media to stay up to date on all things happening with the Vista Ridge Lady Rangers.

Starting the year off Right-

Whether you are new or returning, a parent or a player we ask that EVERYONE please download the Sportsyou app and join Lady Ranger Soccer Group as a player or parent. This is the main resource we use to communicate updates and information throughout the season.

Rankone Forms-

In order for everyone to be able to participate- All physicals must be updated and turned into the Trainers. Medical History must be filled out and signed. SWAY Concussion Test must be completed. ALL Rankone Forms must be completed and submitted online.

Here are the instructions to complete all Rankone forms:

1. Click on the Red Box that says Parents Click Here

2. Click on the Online Forms Box that says Go To Forms

3. Click on Texas

4. Click on Leander ISD – Athletics

5. Click on Proceed to Online Forms

6. Parents may Create a new Account/ Search for Previous Account/ Continue as Guest

7. Click on UIL Forms Pack

Fill out the following forms:

9. Emergency Medical Card (previous page)

10. Medication Consent Form (Previous Page)

Make sure your Physical and Medical History Information is Current and on file with the Trainers.

All Lady Rangers must show “Green” or “Eligible” in Rankone before they are allowed to participate in soccer activities.

Monthly Calendar-

We will post our Monthly Calendar on the Website: Vista Ridge Lady Ranger Soccer

  • Practice Days Listed- A/B Calendar

  • Dates for Team Store Opening/ Closing

  • Date of Mandatory Parent Meeting

Team Store-

Our Player Store will open on August 14th and Close on August 31st.

*Lady Rangers are required to have a Red Team Practice Shirt, a Black Team Practice Shirt, and a White Team Practice shirt, and either black, red, or grey shorts for soccer class & practices each and every day.

On the website you will find all the necessary items needed to participate in Lady Ranger Soccer.

The ONLY Required items are the Shirts. The Shirts are also available at different price points to accommodate the needs of all Lady Ranger Families. If their is an issue or financial hardship then please do not hesitate to reach out privately so we can accommodate all Lady Rangers.

Additionally, on the website there will be some items listed that may seem CRAZY to think about purchasing when it is 107* degrees outside. However, some of the tights and sweatshirts come in real handy when we are training outdoors and it's 32* and windy.

Here is Sneak Preview of the Team Store (website is not live yet) - T-shirts will come in a 50/50 Cotton Blend or a Dry-Fit Sport Blend

Social Media-

We would love to have you stay up to date and follow us on all of our various Social Media Platforms:

1. Coach Shad Green- Vista Ridge Girls Soccer-

2. Social Media and Communication Platforms


Sports You: Vista Ridge Lady Rangers (Required)

Instagram: VRLRSoccer

Threads: VRLRSoccer

SnapChat: VRLRSoccer

Twitter (X): @VRLRSoccer

Facebook: @VistaRidgeLadyRangerSoccer

Youtube: Vista Ridge Lady Ranger Soccer (Channel)

Google Classroom: Lady Ranger Soccer; Class code: iqn0hx

Look for more updates as we get closer to the start of school. I am very excited about this season and all of the great things that are going to happen.

Let's Go Lady Rangers

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