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Lady Ranger Round Up Dec. 26-31

Phew! What a break. A much needed break filled with Christmas joy, family and fun. But now the season is in Full Swing. The most hectic part of our season is the first two weeks then things will settle in to a rhythm.

Schedule for the Week Ahead

Monday- OFF


- JV Practice 11-1 Ranger/ Red

- Varsity Practice 11-2 / Red


- JV Practice 11-1 Ranger/ White

- Varsity Practice 12-2 / White


Scrimmage vs Eastview JV 10 / Varsity 11:30

JV arrive at 9:00 Red Tops/ Black Shorts/ Red Socks

Varsity arrive at 10 Red Tops/ Black Shorts/ Red Socks


- JV Practice 11-1 Ranger/ Black

- Varsity Practice 12-2 / Black

Alumni Kick Around- 1 pm


Scrimmage vs Liberty Hill JV 10 / Varsity 11:30

JV arrive at 9:00 Black Tops/ Red Shorts/ Black Socks

Varsity arrive at 10 Black Tops/ Red Shorts/ Black Socks

Booster Club Update

Our FanAngel Fundraiser comes to an end this week. Although this is the best campaign we have ever had, we are still $1,200 short of our goal. Tomorrow on Tuesday we are asking that everyone log into their profile and nudge your emails. We would also like everyone to download the QR code above and post to your social media profiles for one last push. Let's try and get to our goal.

A Note from Coach

It's time to get "On Board!"

I came across this on social media and found it to be very appropriate for our team this season. When we participate on a team (and especially after the games have started) we start to focus on things that such as wins and losses and playing time, and those things that in the grand scheme of things have very little to do with the player you are or the person you become. But if we all collectively focus on the right "Ships" then you are contributing to your personal growth and those aspects of the team that are unmeasurable. We say it's about being "ALL IN" and "Going Green". The Best way to go ALL IN is to get On Board the Ship and bring your best each and every day. #VamosVerde

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