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Lady Ranger Round Up March 6-10

Week in Review

This past week we celebrated our Class of 2023 on Senior Night. The Lady Rangers took on Stony Point this past Tuesday and saw the JV come away with a 2-0 Victory. The Varsity Lady Rangers tied Stony Point in a tightly contested match and were able to secure the Head to Head Tie Breaker in a 4-2 Penalty Shoot Out.

After the Game a reception was held for the Class of 2023 Seniors. The Lady Rangers were able to show their love and support for this Amazing Class.

Thank you to the Booster Club for the wonderful decorations and set-up. This Senior Class, after all they have been through over the last 4 years, are truly deserving of this recognition.

Then Friday the Lady Rangers traveled to Manor where the JV picked up a 7-0 win and the Varsity Lady Rangers won 6-1.

The Week Ahead

As we enter the last week of the Season it is a huge week for Lady Ranger Soccer. JV has their final 2 games of the Season and Varsity enters the week, Currently in 4th place with a playoff spot on the line. In District teams receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a Tie, and o points for a loss. Varsity currently is sitting on 18 points with 2 games remaining. Cedar Ridge is in 5th on 16 points, and Stony Point is 7th with 13 points.

Let's go do this Lady Rangers!


Ranger Red- 2:15- 4:00


Teacher Appreciation Night - Final Home Game

JV 5:30 All Red

Varsity 7:30 All Red


Ranger - White -2:15-3:30


Thursday - Grass/Gupton Black

JV 2:15-3:35

Varsity 2:15-4:00


At Round Rock

JV 5:30 - All White

Bus Will Leave 4:30


Varsity 7:30 - All White

Film in P4 2:05

Team Meeting 5:45 -

Bus Leaves at 6:00

Final Thoughts From Coach-

As we come to the end of the season it's easy to reflect on all the amazing things you have accomplished this year. From Summer Meetings, to Preseason Presentations, to Fitness runs, and training sessions. Team Dinners and dress up practices. The tournaments, the stops at Buccees, the bus rides, the games, but most importantly the friendships you've made along the way. So many successes both on and off the field. Such an amazing thing to be a part of.

As we approach this week and remaining District Games I want you to focus on this:

I challenge you to wake up with a determined mindset. Be ambitious. Get from the day. Look for the positives. Defy the odds. There is no proof that we cannot reach our team goals and our own ultimate potential. We have the ability to reach mastery levels. We can set and achieve great things. We can get in world-class shape. We can choose to eat quality and nutritious food. We can prepare for anything. We can train with purpose. We can watch film with intent. We can give everything we have to play our very best. Our choices are completely in our control.

What will you do with your precious minutes? They are going fast. Take action. Step up. Inspire others to follow you. The “extra mile” is always less crowded so keep heading that direction. Here we go, one day at a time, one minute at a time, one step at a time. One Game At A Time.

Let's Go Do This Lady Rangers!

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