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Lady Ranger Round Up! Soccer Season is HERE

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Weekly Update

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your week was restful and full of family, friends, and loved ones. I am so Thankful for my family and the support they provide me and for allowing me to do the thing I love the most and that is to coach soccer and help all these Lady Rangers to have amazing experiences in high school and to grow into mature, confident, successful young women through the lessons they learned as a part of Lady Ranger Soccer.

The Week Ahead

Soccer SEASON is HERE!

*Practice Times will be till 5 pm Everyday this week.

Monday A Day- Ranger *New Black Team Shirt*

I'd Like everyone to wear their new Team Shirts to School on Monday.

It's a great way to celebrate and let everyone know our season has started while showing Team unity. You can then wear it to practice after classes.

Tuesday B Day- Black (Crest)

Wednesday A Day - White

Thursday- B Day - Black

Friday- A Day - Red

Lady Ranger Reminders:

A few things to keep in mind now that the season is officially under way..

1, Take care of your class work in class. Sometimes we get in a habit of just saying to ourselves- "I'll just finish this at home."

Bad idea- Teacher is not there to help clarify or answer questions and for the next 4 months when you are at home you need to be resting, sleeping, and taking care of yourself.

No more procrastinating and late nights!

2. You MUST Communicate all absences.

This is an essential Life Skill and not just a soccer rule. Please communicate with all your Coaches when you are going to be absent. Please communicate early if possible (day before, or at least before Ranger Time, if day of).

ALSO- And we fully understand it is not Always possible but please TRY to avoid scheduling appointments during practice times.

3. All Missed Soccer practices must be made up.

Soccer class, just like core classes and electives, have assignments that are required of the students and participants. When you are absent and you miss assignments and classes, then they need to be made up so that everyone is accountable.

4. Preparation is Key- Whether that is in the classroom, film room, weight room, or on the Field. Your focus and how you prepare will make all the difference in the world.

Details matter- Make sure to do the following things Daily:

a) Correct Practice Shirt

b) Only Vista Ridge Attire to be worn at practices

c) Early is on time- On time is late

d) No Cell Phones at Practice

e) Bring a great and positive attitude daily

f) We is Bigger than Me - Come with a TEAM First mindset

A note for Parents

Parents I came across this thread on Social Media and I found it poignant and meaningful. As the season gets under way please remember that we will have ups and downs as a team and that at times each player will find struggles. Ultimately we are here to help them grow and manage these times so that they have a foundation of life lessons and skills necessary to handle life after high school.

Thank you for sharing and entrusting your daughters with Lady Ranger Soccer and Thank you for supporting this program.

Let the Season Begin and Let's Go Lady Rangers!

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