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Lady Ranger Round Up Summer Edition

Week of June 10th - 14th

Monday- Start of Strength & Conditioning Workouts 9-11 am.

Meet at the Henry Field/ Finish in Big Weight Room

Great Attitudes make for Great Workouts.

Tuesday- Strength & Conditioning 9-11

Wednesday- Strength & Conditioning 9-11

Summer League Games - All Games on Field 1

7 pm VR2 vs Glenn 2

8 pm VR3 vs Glenn 1

9 pm VR1 vs LH2

Reminders for Summer League-

  1. Have Fun and don't take it too seriously

  2. Enjoy spending time and playing a game you love with your friends and teammates

  3. Try things- It's ok to make mistakes- We actually learn more from our mistakes than we do our successes,

  4. If you try something and make a mistake, try it again. Keep trying.

  5. Reflect on the games afterwards

    1. How did you do?

    2. How did the team perform?

    3. What are the things You personally did well?

    4. What are some areas you need to work on?

    5. Make a plan to work on those areas before the next game.

  6. Per UIL: HS Coaches can NOT coach you during Summer League Games. Make sure you are talking with Leah, Julia, & Alexis if you have questions..

  7. We have some new Lady Ranger faces joining us this summer. Introduce yourselves, make some new friends, and have lots of fun.

Thursday- Strength & Conditioning Camp 9-11

Friday - Rest and Recovery

So much HS success is built on the foundations of what teams do together over the summer.

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