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Lady Ranger Round Up Week of 10/2-6

Week in Review-

A lot of great things happening around Lady Ranger Soccer at the moment. This past week we found out that 30 Lady Rangers made Straight A's for the first six weeks and another 12 Lady Rangers made the AB Honor Roll. With a 98% passing rate the Lady Rangers truly Excelled in the classroom for the first six weeks. And we also were visited by last year's Captains; Cassidy, Ella, and Emma. We were so excited to get to see them again and love hearing about all the great things going on in their lives. Some people say once a Ranger, Always a Ranger. We like to say

This past week also saw the Lady Rangers continuing to grow as a team as our Leadership Council met in small groups and came up with our FOCUS words for the Season.

This past week also saw the Lady Rangers have a lot of Fun on Teambuilding Tuesday with Lip Sync Battles and then on Teamwork Thursday a great Scavenger Hunt Trail Run and Workout.

This is such a fun group and this is going to be a tremendous year.

The week Ahead


B Day - Black


A Day -Red Ranger


B Day - Grey - Weight Room


A Day - Red Ranger


B Day - Black

Booster Club Update

Thank you so much to everyone who has signed up so far. Your support for these Lady Rangers is remarkable. Of note, we are not very close to our Membership/Sponsorship goals at this time. We really need a big final push as we go into the last week of our Membership Drive.

We will be cutting off Family Memberships at the end of this week. Family memberships have to be cut off so that we can begin placing orders for this season and have everything come in on time. Memberships and Sponsorships for Lady Ranger Soccer Booster Club can still be made after this week, however, there is no guarantee that membership items will be received at the same time as those who signed up before the deadline.

BC Membership forms
Download PDF • 346KB

Season Schedule

Season Schedule can be found by clicking on the link above.

Schedules can also be found on Maxpreps.

The only difference between the JV and Varsity schedule will be the 2nd week of January; Thursday January 11, Friday January 12, and Saturday January 13th.

On those Dates the JV will be competing at a Tournament in Hutto and Varsity will be competing at Waco Midway. Other than those 3 dates, JV and Varsity will be at the same locations for all other dates.

I will also send out Game and Practice Calendars as we get closer to December.

Of note- The UIL says any game cancelled due to inclement weather will be made up on the next available playing date.

That could include some Saturday games if Friday games are postponed. Although this is not ideal for many, this is what we are required to do by the UIL and our DEC (District Executive Committee).

According to the weather forecasts and computer generated models, they are predicting a wet winter for us in Central, TX. Anytime there is cold and rain, it inevitably turns to ice, but we will slide across that bridge when it gets here.

Team Store-

Orders have arrived and items will be distributed on Monday.

Fan Store-

We will have an Online Fan Store the Last week of October and The First week of November for Fans to purchase Apparel to support Lady Ranger Soccer.

And Finally-

I want to encourage everyone to make a commitment to yourself this week. Each of you are so unique, so talented, and so valued. You each bring purpose and have a role to perform on the team. But Sometimes we get so fixated on what others think and say that it impacts how we think of ourselves and how we perform.

A lion never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep.

Think about it. Like really think about it.

A lion knows who it is + so it doesn’t need to listen to the opinion of sheep.

Both are created with different characteristics + purposes.

For the lion to think about what a sheep says, it would only forfeit it’s place, power, + authority that it was given.

For you to lose sleep over what others think of you, it only forfeits your value, power, + authority that you’ve been created with.

Once you know who you are, you don’t need to think about the opinion of ‘the group.’

Once you know who you are, you don’t even listen to the voices that try to tell you something else.

What I want you to know is that-

- You are Amazing

- You are Valuable to this team

- You have something inside of you that is powerful and unstoppable.

- Believe in yourself- Trust the process- Give Great Effort- Support Your Teammates

Love/ Loyalty/ Discipline/ Focus/ Humility

Each day this week we are going to grow -we are going to glow- and we are going to Go and do things that we Dream of!

Let's Go Lady Rangers!

(No way I was putting a pic of the Leander mascot in our Newsletter, so those same attributes of the Lion in the anecdote, just replace with Rangers)

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