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Lady Ranger Round Up Week of 10/30-11/3

Week in Review-

Last Week we took a little time to hit the reset button and catch our breath before the intensity of the season is upon us. We took some time to Team Build in our small groups and we got a little bit of fitness in, but mostly we started to get mentally ready for the season ahead.

The Week Ahead-

Starting tomorrow, "Whoa Nelly!" as the late great Keith Jackson used to say, this week is going to be a barn burner.


B-Day- Black-

We will meet for Study Hall at 2:10-

We will pass out the Red Jackets for Everyone

We will preview the New Uniforms

We will then get organized for Trunk or Treat- I bet it will be moved in doors most likely but it will take place from 5:30-7:30. We will need to be there from 5-8 for set up and clean up.

EVERYONE needs to bring at least one bag of Candy. This is a HUGE Community Event and we do not want little kids coming by and us having run out of candy. Candy may be brought to my office Monday Morning before school


A- Day Ranger- Traditional Halloween Practice

Also Tuesday Night is a HUGE Night for our Lady Ranger VB Team as they host a first round playoff game versus Dripping Springs at Vista. Come and Be Loud and let's have a Rockin Student Section. Wear Your Costumes as there will be prizes and raffles for gifts and prizes for anyone wearing a costume to the game.


B - Day Grey

Small Group Team Building and Fitness


A - Day Red/ Ranger


Media Day- We will take pics for Social Media and for the Banners during the period.

Also Friday is the end of the 2nd six weeks. Please make sure to have all of your assignments submitted and know where you stand.
And Friday is basically a playoff game for the football team. It's pretty much a must win game, and it is a White Game!

Team Fan Store-

Click "HERE" to visit the Team Store:

Password is: rangers (all lowercase)

According to the rep, all items in the store are in stock and will be shipped directly to your home in about 5-7 days after purchase. This store has a lot of items, and it looks like there are a ton of great Christmas gifts and ideas This is NOT a fundraiser and there are No items being required for purchase for Lady Ranger Soccer.

Booster Club Update-

We will try once again to hold a quick Booster Club meeting this week. Life and Life at school seem to keep getting in the way.

It'll be a short meeting via Zoom, to elect new board members and provide current financial statements and updates.


We have about 3 weeks of preparation left before our season officially starts. These next few weeks are going to be intense and then after Thanksgiving we start going a thousand miles per hour. Thank you all for what you have done up to this point but now let's go do something Vista Ridge has not done in a long time and let's go Make the Playoffs in 2024.

Let's Go Lady Rangers!

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