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Lady Ranger Round Up Week of 10/9-13

Week in Review-

This past week saw the Lady Rangers continue to grow and progress towards what is going to be a fantastic 2023-24 season. Last week our Lady Rangers established our Technical, Tactical, and Fitness standards for this year's rosters. We will spend each day over the next few weeks working on improving in all areas of our overall development, as our focus continues to intensify as we get a little bit closer to the start of our season.

Here is fun little preview from the scrimmage from this past Friday. If anyone has any experience with Youtube Live please reach out. We have two video platforms we use to video games and would love to explore streaming options for our supporters.

The Week Ahead


Student Holiday No School


A Day- Red Ranger


B Day- White - Weight Room & Fitness


A Day - Red Ranger


B Day - Black - Team Building & Fitness

Season Schedule-

The Schedule is about 95% complete. December Games and Dates are all confirmed and the Tournaments are confirmed as well. There may be one or two dates during District play that change. We will get those confirmed later this month.

Just a Reminder-

The High School season begins in December and we will have games over the Christmas break while not in school. If you are going to miss any games for any reasons that needs to be communicated to the coaching staff well in advance.

2024 LRS Season Schedule
Download PDF • 37KB

Upcoming- Things to add to the Calendar

- Booster Club Meeting

- Trunk or Treat - October 30th in Back Parking Lot

- Fan Store end of October

- December Calendar

- Blue Santa Community Service Toy Drive

Download DOCX • 17KB

Booster Club Update:

We will have a quick Booster Meeting on October 18th. This will be a brief meeting to fulfill our quarterly meeting agenda. It will also be on ZOOM so we will send the link out the day before and again the day of. At that time we will look to fill our Vacant Board Positions. Vice President and Webmaster. If anyone is interested in serving on the board we would love to have you.


We are at the tail end of our Booster Membership/Sponsorship Drive. If you have not joined yet, please consider doing so. Of course we will continue to accept memberships and sponsorships however, we have to have a set deadline for ordering purposes. We will begin ordering the Yard Signs, Decals, T-shirts, and Stadium Blankets this week. There is no guarantee that you will receive these items if you sign up after the deadline.

BC Membership forms
Download PDF • 346KB

And Finally, A Word from Coach

Each and everyday, whether in soccer or in class, at work or in life you are presented with challenges that take effort, courage, and desire to overcome.

In training those struggles, those hardships, those obstacles are represented by a simple line. Although it may look like just a line, it represents so much more.

The Line represents the Standard

The Line represents the Expectation

The Line represents the goal

The Line represents the process

The Line represents work ethic

The Line represents commitment

The Line Represents Respect

- Respect for the Sport

- Respect for the process

- Respect for the Program

- Respect for the Team

- Respect for your Teammates

- Respect for yourself

It's so much more than just a line-

It's a measurement.

A measurement of commitment.

A measurement of sacrifice.

A measurement of respect.

A measurement of integrity.

A measurement of fortitude.

A measurement of effort.

It's a symbol to remind us that greatness lies in the smallest of details.

In Everything you do, Go Beyond the Line!

Let's Go Lady Rangers!

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