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Lady Ranger Round Up Week of 11/21-25

News & Notes

Can you believe it? Our Season starts next Monday!!! Before we get to some of the season reminders I want to to take a second to just say how Thankful I am to be at Vista Ridge and what a privilege it is to coach the game I love and share that with all of you.

As we are out of school this week I want you to reflect on what you have done to get to this point of the season and I want you to get excited for what lies ahead.

I want all of you to find your balance this week. I want you to relax and recharge and take some time to refresh. Then find that balance. Make some time to get out and run and practice on your own. There is something therapeutic about working out alone. It builds confidence and at the same time brings joy and calmness.

Here are a few links with some ideas of things to do this week:

How to train Alone-

100 Training Drills-

Body Weight Workouts for Soccer-

Endurance Running for Soccer-

World Cup Soccer & More

There is going to be a ton of soccer on the tube over the next few weeks! The FIFA World Cup started today and the USA men play:

Monday vs Wales at 1pm on Fox Sports

Friday vs England at 1 pm on Fox Sports

Tuesday vs Iran at 1 pm on Fox Sports

But that's not All! Did you know that the NCAA Men's and Women's tournaments have started?

TCU plays today in the Sweet 16 and Vista Ridge Alumni- Brie Hilsentager also plays today for the university of Pittsburgh.

Lady Ranger Shoutout

Congratulations to Sophomore Julia Ramsey on your JV Tennis win at Westwood! Way to go Junior!

Weekly Small Group Meet-ups

Although many Lady Ranger families may be traveling or out of town this week for Thanksgiving there are still some opportunities to get out and support our other Ranger athletic teams.

- Monday - Boys BB vs Cedar Park 12:30

(I bet Emma Williams will be there. Everyone should go and take a selfie with Emma)

- Tuesday - Girls BB vs Lake Travis 1 pm

- Soccer Watch Parties (YES Send PICS)

Convention Recap

Attended some great sessions while at the Coach's Convention last week. Got to speak with College coaches, learn from some Pro and International Coaches and even catch up with some current and former coaches.

We won a raffle and received some new weighted pop up goals and and a ton of mini cones and field markers.

We also got access to a new training planner that will allow me the chance to send you each day's training session and which drills we will be doing. This will allow you to watch and see the drills and coaching points prior to practice each day so that we can be more efficient as well as thoughtful soccer players.

Click on the link below: It's a sample of what a session might look like. There are still frames, coaching points and animations. Very cool.

Christmas Wish List?

Most of the vendors at the convention were selling items for Teams and programs but I did come across these and they are amazing! I have terrible ankles and he let me try on a pair. These are definitely not socks you would wear to school, but if you have ankle issues and you hate wearing ankle braces or getting your ankle taped, then you should really check these out. I was super impressed with the support and how they made my ankles feel. Click on the picture to go to their website. You can use code TASCO between now and December 5th for 10% off. They seem a little pricey but when you consider the cost of an ankle brace then they are actually a really good value.

Sponsor Spotlight

Thank you to Barbon's Barbershop for your support of Lady Ranger Soccer


Final Thoughts- As we all prepare for the upcoming season I want you to have a goal in mind of what success for you individually looks like and what success for our team looks like. We are the under dogs. And honestly, that's the way I like it. No one expects much from us this year and no one is quite sure what type of team we are going to have. 17 of our 22 scheduled games are against teams receiving preseason recognition.

I hope that lights a little fire within you. We've go something to prove. We are not here to participate, we are here to compete, we are here to Win! Click on the pic below for a little surprise. Have a great week Lady Ranger Nation.

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