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Lady Ranger Round Up Week of 12/4-8

Week in Review-

This past week saw us kick off our season with a Typical Texas Soccer Winter Week. We had ideal conditions, we had cold conditions, we had wet conditions, and we had perfect conditions. People always ask us why we have so much stuff? It's because we never know what the winter weather in Texas is going to be, so we have to be prepared for everything.

2nd round of Tryouts were completed this week and teams and roles are starting to be figured out. Nothing is set in stone yet, as we start scrimmages this week and will have a better idea of roster placement after the scrimmages.

The Week Ahead

Week 2 of the Soccer Season and there is A LOT going on this week. Please check Sportsyou regularly to stay informed and up to date.

Major Practice Announcement for the Remainder of December

Due to LISD Maintenance planting rye grass on our grass practice fields we will not be able to practice on those fields for the remainder of the month of December. On B Days we will be practicing at Gupton Stadium. Practice will end at 4:30. Lady Rangers may be picked up from Gupton, or from Vista. We will walk to and from Gupton as a team for safety and supervision purposes.

*Scrimmages Start this Week*

Reminder we will still meet in BSH everyday by 2:10 for Attendance and Announcements even on days we practice at Gupton.


B Day - Black - Gupton 2:30-4:30


A Day - Red - Ranger 2:30-4:30


B Day - White- Gupton 2:30-4:30


A Day - Red - Ranger 2:30-4:30

Friday - SCRIMMAGE vs Liberty Hill at Ranger

JV 4:30

V - 5:45

Saturday - BLUE SANTA Community Service Toy Drive and Exhibition Games

JV & Varsity arrive at VRHS at 8:30

Busses leave for Glenn at 8:45

Scrimmages begin at 10-

Due to scheduling More information will be released on Fields and Times on Thursday.

Blue Santa Toy Drive and Community Service Event.

Thank you so much for participating in the 2023 LISD Blue Santa Kick-off Toy Drive.

This day and this event is about having a lot of fun and providing toys for those families in need and supporting a great organization.

We did have a couple of teams drop and pull out late due to lack of players, however I think we have a schedule that will allow everyone to play and participate.

We will be sending out Graphics to everyone and ask that you please re-post these on your social media pages and platforms next week.

Also we Ask that Each player and spectator please bring one toy for each person to donate. Lady Rangers and Families we want to stress that we want you to give as you are felt led to and are comfortable with. It does not matter if it is a.99 cent Hot wheel stocking stuffer or a $200 Bicycle. We are collecting for all ages and any donation is greatly appreciated.

Last year we collected just under 900 Toys and if we could get to 1000 that would just be OUTSTANDING.

Thank you so much for helping with such a wonderful cause.

The Final Word

Please make sure to communicate and follow up on absences and missed practices, scrimmages, and games.

Lastly be on the look out for some more updates through SportsYou this week as I am having to cut this Newsletter a little short as I'm in Dallas and forgot my laptop charger.

Coach was a little unprepared. We will do better next time.

Week 1 was a success. Week 2 holds even more promise for a Great Season. I'm looking forward each and everyday to what this group has in store and can accomplish.

Let's Go Lady Rangers!

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