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Lady Ranger Round Up Week of August 14-18

Welcome Back!

Well here we are. It's the first week of school and the kick-off to what is sure to be a great season.

A few items regarding the first week of School.

Whereas we will normally dress out and then meet in Big Study Hall (BSH), on Wednesday we will meet, at the beginning of the period in the Competition Gym (a.k.a. the Big Gym, a.k.a the Corral), with all Lady Ranger teams to meet the new coaches. Then beginning Thursday we will begin meeting in BSH at the beginning of the Athletic period.

Items of note for this week

  • We will not dress out this week.

  • W/Th/F we will take care of Administrative Items; LISD & Team Policies, Rankone Forms, SWAY Testing, Any Schedule changes necessary.

  • Locker Rooms- We will utilize 2 Locker Rooms during the Athletic Soccer Class-

  • All Seniors, Juniors, and Returning Varsity Letter Winners will use the "Cage"

  • All Sophomores and Freshmen will use the Locker Room next to my office.

  • Everyone will need to provide their own lock for their lockers. Please provide me the combination to keep on file in the office in case you ever forget or lose the combo.


Wednesday is the First Day of School ("A" Day 1-4) but it is also Rally at the Ridge

- A few notes about Rally at the Ridge

  1. Athletes meet at Gupton on the East (Visitor) side at 6:30

  2. Parents and fans enter on the West (Home) side.

  3. Starts at 7 pm

  4. Lasts about 45 minutes-1 hour


Is participation mandatory for Rally at the Ridge? No- it is not mandatory but it is Highly encouraged. You only get to participate in this event 4 times while you are in high school. It is a fun and unique event that is very memorable. We want everyone to participate if possible.

What do We wear? Jersey's will be passed out during the period on Wednesday and then returned on Thursday. We will be wearing the White Jerseys this year because I'm afraid it's still going to be 100* when it starts.

What if I participate on multiple teams; who do I walk with? You walk out with every team you participate on. After you walk out with one team you simply return back to the line to join the next team and then walk out with that team as well.

Do we have to stay the entire time? No- it is pretty short, about the length of a pep rally but we know that life occurs. There are practices and jobs and other activities that you need to go to, so if you need to leave before the end, that is ok. We are just glad you came and took part.


Please mark the date on your Calendar. We will have a Mandatory Parent/Booster Club Meeting on Wednesday, August 30th from 6-7 pm in the Big Study Hall. We will begin collecting dues for All Lady Rangers and discuss our fundraisers and Sponsorships for the upcoming year.

As of now we have 2 Board Positions Open- Vice President and Webmaster/Media.

If you would like to volunteer and serve in one of these positions, could you please let Coach Green or President Wade Ramsey know.

Lady Rangers,

For the first couple of weeks there will be no movement during Ranger Time.

Ranger Time has moved to between 1st and 2nd period this year. Movement days to portal into my Ranger Time will be as follows.

Mondays- Leadership Council weekly meeting

Tuesdays- Tactical Tuesday- we will use RT for film study

Wednesdays- Study Hall- RT on Wednesdays will be an Academic day to stay on top of our grades or get tutorial help.

I am super excited about this season. Please get your Rankone forms and SWAY tests completed. Once we hit the ground running this year it's going to be fast and furious.

Let's Go Lady Rangers!

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