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Lady Ranger Round Up Week of Feb. 19-23

The Week in Review

The Lady Rangers only had one District game this past week at Cedar Ridge.

The JV came away victorious with a 5-0 win over Cedar Ridge. This was an excellent performance as the girls played strong from start to finish. It was a great performance to kick off the second round of District Play.

In the Varsity match, the Lady Rangers fell 2-1 to a feisty Lady Raiders team. Biggest take away on the evening is that Soccer can at times be a cruel game. Even on a night when the Lady Rangers created 26 scoring opportunities, completed over 300 passes, and held the possession advantage of 62% to 38%; we come to find out that sometimes the most important stat of the night is the one on the scoreboard. Was super proud of the effort and the fight of the Lady Rangers and we will regroup and come out ready to perform this week.

Current District Standings Heading into Week 6

Round Rock 22

Westwood 19

Vista Ridge 13

McNeil 10

Stony Point 10

Vandegrift 9

Cedar Ridge 9

Manor 0

This Week's District Games


McNeil @ Vista Ridge

Vandegrift @ Manor

Cedar Ridge @ Westwood

Round Rock @ Stony Point


Westwood @Vista Ridge

Manor @ Round Rock

Stony Point @ Cedar Ridge

McNeil @ Vandegrift

Team Nights

Special Thanks to the Rangels and Lenadros for hosting our teams this week. These are the nights that make being a part of high school soccer so special.

The Week Ahead


No School- Practice 3-5 Ranger - Black


Game Day vs McNeil

JV 5:30

Varsity 7:30

Both Teams ALL BLACK

#Future Lady Ranger Middle School Night


B Day - Grey - Grass

2:00-3:30 No After School


A Day - Ranger Red

2:- 4:30


Game Day vs McNeil

JV 5:30

Varsity 7:30

Both Teams ALL RED

We will have T-shirts and Stickers for all Future Lady Rangers that attend Tuesday Night.

Shout Outs

Congratulations to Amaris Gorlick on competing well at Track

Congratulations to Lily Vandiver, Julia Ramsey, and Bailey Huner on their successful weekends at ECNL Dallas.

Final Shout out to the Lady Rangers for being recognized by Lethal Enforcer Soccer and all the Texas HS Soccer Coaches that recognize their season. Recognition is great, but making the playoffs is our goal.

Final Thoughts from Coach

I can't take credit for this but I can endorse. Saw this on Social Media this week and wanted to share.

Rules for Sport and Life

  1. Let it Go - Never ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday.

  2. Ignore Them - Don't Listen to other people. Live a life that's Empowering to You.

  3. Give it Time- Time heals EVERYTHING!

  4. Don't Compare - The only person you should try to beat is the person you were yesterday.

  5. Stay Calm - It's ok not to have everything figured out. Know that in time You'll get exactly where you are supposed to be.

  6. It's on You - Only You are in Charge of your Happiness!

  7. SMILE! - Life is Short- Enjoy it while you Live it!

The high school soccer season goes by so fast and there are so many ups and downs. It really can be a blur. Take time to reflect on what this sport, this team, and this season means to you. Enjoy it all (the good and the challenging) because these are the days and times that you will look back on knowing that these are some of the Best Days of your Life!

6 Big Points on the Line this Week. Let's Do This!

Let's Go Lady Rangers!

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