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Lady Ranger Round Up Week of Jan. 23-27

Week in Review

Last week saw the end of of the Non District & Tournament portions of our season and the beginning of District Play. The JV was able to capture two victories last week with wins over Weiss and Cedar Ridge, while the Varsity went 1-1 with a victory over Weiss and falling in a highly competitive match at Cedar Ridge.

The Week Ahead


Practice - Grass/Black

JV- 2:15-4:00

Varsity 3-5:00


Home Game vs McNeil

JV: 5:30

Varsity 7:30

Both Teams ALL RED

*Watch the weather and pack accordingly


JV Set Up Field/ Study Hall

Varsity Pre-game Workout- Red Shirts


JV Practice 2:15-3:30

Varsity Practice 3:30-4:30

Grass/Grey Shirts


Practice - Ranger/Red

JV- 2:15-4:00

Varsity 3-5:00


Home Game vs Westwood

JV: 5:30

Varsity 7:30

Both Teams ALL RED


JV Set Up Field/ Study Hall

Varsity Pre-game Workout- Black Shirts

Booster Club Update

FanAngel was a Huge Success. We raised more money this year than in any other previous year. A huge Thank you to all who have generously supported Lady Ranger Soccer.

Please take a Moment to visit our Sponsors.

Without their support we would struggle to provide everything needed to provide for our Lady Rangers.

Final Thoughts

As we settle into the rhythm of the season it's important that each of our Lady Rangers create a schedule that works for them, so that they can be at their best academically, socially, and athletically.

Lady Rangers-

-Use your time wisely

Tutorials before school, Ranger Time, Study Hall, and Independent Work time during class are all opportunities provided to you each day at school for you to get your homework done. Using this time to socialize and then having to stay up late at night to complete homework in not setting you up for success. Be disciplined in your academic work and set aside phones and distractions that prevent you from finishing your academic load.

-Nutrition, Hydration, and sleep

As athletes you are burning thousands of calories per day. Just as you would plan times to study or set aside times for practice you need to try to eat on a regular schedule. As young athletes it's important to choose foods and meals that are healthy but more importantly, You should avoid foods that can have a negative impact on your health and well being. Fast foods, junk food, sugars, sodas, and energy drinks can impact your overall health, mood, physical well being, sleep and even mental health. Choose foods and meals that will help you perform at your very best.

-Hydration is also an important aspect of your daily preparation. The Booster Club was able to provide each of you a 26oz water bottle. At minimum you should drink at least 2 of these a day prior to practice, and another 26oz after practice.


Most of us need 7-9 hours of sleep every single night. Most researchers recommend starting to “shut down” 30-60 minutes before your desired sleep time. This means powering down all electronics (cell phone, laptop, tv), and getting ready for sleep. Obviously this is much easier said than done, especially since most of our lives are now centered around our cell phones. That being said, this is an area that is of great importance for health and athletic performance.

Create a night time routine. Be Consistent. Get off your phones & electronics. Let your mind Shut down. Get real sleep. Naps for 2 hours before a game are actually detrimental to performance as opposed to a good night's sleep.

And Lastly...

We have no control over the weather or officials calls. But what we can do is prepare for each accordingly.

When faced with a bad call, there is no use dwelling on it. It's in the past and what's important is the next play, the next touch, the next pass, the next shot. Not dwelling on poor calls is an important aspect of having a growth mindset and not allowing things that are out of our control to impact our performance.

And the Weather....

We have no control over it either, but what we can do is prepare accordingly.

Looks like Tuesday is going to be wet and cold. Dress warm. Bring all your rain gear.

And let's go get a District Win over McNeil.

Let's Go Lady Rangers!

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