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Lady Ranger Round Up Week of Jan. 9-14

Week 1 Recap

What would the start of Tournament Season be without the annual stop at Buccees.

After a successful start to the season with victories by the JV & Varsity vs Hutto last Tuesday, the Lady Rangers ended the week in their first tournaments of the season.

The Varsity competed in the Midway Classic and took on State Ranked Teams in Alamo Heights

& Midway, and finished early Saturday morning with a matchup vs. Rudder HS, from Bryan, TX. The Lady Rangers went 1-1-1 in some highly competitive matches. Lots of pretty soccer played and a great launching point for the season to come.

Meanwhile, the Lady Ranger JV team competed in the Gateway Gator Varsity Classic as they took on Ann Richards, State Ranked Benbrook and Jarrell HS Varsity teams. JV dropped their first two matches before rebounding with a solid win on Saturday vs Jarrell.

All in all a good way to start the season and end the week.

The Week Ahead


A Day Ranger - Red

Dressed and Ready 2:10 in BSH

JV Practice - 2:30-3:30

Varsity- Film -3:00

Practice 3:00-4:00


Home Game vs Leander

JV 5:30

Varsity 7:15

Dark Uniforms

JV will set the field up & have Study Hall during the period.

Varsity - Black Shirts - Light Workout during the period

Ticket links and QR Codes

Links and Codes will be sent out via SportsYou.

Tickets for Tuesday's game will be available at 8 am on Tuesday.


A Day Ranger - Grey

Dressed and Ready 2:10 in BSH

JV Practice - 2:30-3:30

Varsity- Film -3:00

Practice 3:00-4:00

Thursday- Tournaments

Varsity at the Glenn Grizzly Classic

4 PM vs College Park Field #2

Dark Uniforms

Bus will leave during Athletic Period

JV at the Burnet Bulldog Classic

12 pm vs Greenwood Varsity

6 pm vs Lampasas Varsity

Bus will leave after 5th period

Lady Ranger JV will be excused from 6th, 7th, 8th

Bring Money for Lunch as we will go eat after our 1st game.

White Socks/White Jerseys

Bring all 3 Shorts


Varsity at the Glenn Grizzly Classic

12 PM vs Smithson Valley Field #1

Dark Uniforms

Bus will leave after 1st period

Lady Rangers will be excused from 2nd, 3rd, 4th

JV at the Burnet Bulldog Classic

7:30 am vs Chapperall Varsity

Bus will leave at 6:15 am

Lady Ranger JV will be excused from 1st, & 2nd Period and will return for Ranger Time and 3rd period. There will be a Study Hall on Friday during the period to make up any work from classes missed while at the Tournaments.

White Tops/White Socks

Bring all 3 shorts.


Varsity at the Glenn Grizzly Classic

11 am vs Clear Creek Field #1

White Uniforms

Bus will leave 9:30 am.

JV at the Burnet Bulldog Classic

Games on Saturday are TBA.

It will depend on the results of the games on Thursday and Friday.

If we finish in the top 2 of our Pool then we will play Saturday.

If we finish 3rd in our Pool there will be no game on Saturday.

Bus departure time and Uniform combos will be communicated once we know the results.


Thank you and phot credits to Kate Alvord for the pics from the Varsity tournament. We are putting together a plan to have a Gallery and Game pics available for all our games once District Starts.

Washing Uniforms


Please do not wash the uniforms together. Washing the whites with the black uniforms causes them to lose their color and be dingy. Washing with the reds can cause bleeding and a pink hue.

JV Uniforms should be washed on Cold and turned inside out. It is ok to spray stain remover on stains, under arm, and neck areas. It is also ok to use OXI Clean color boost and stain remover but DO NOT USE BLEACH. It is preferred that Jerseys and Shorts be hung to dry but if they need to be put in the dryer, please dry on delicates or low heat with the Jerseys & shorts inside out due to the Heat press numbers and lettering.

Same instructions for Varsity Uniforms except that Varsity uniforms do no have to be turned inside out since those uniforms do not have heat pressed or silk screened numbers and lettering.

Do We have any Parents that are LISD Employees that would be willing to work the gate Tuesday Night? Super Easy as all you do is scan QR Codes. 5-7 pm $40.00 if interested. Please let me know if available.

Final Thoughts from Coach

This is probably one of the most difficult weeks of the season. We have 4 games in 6 days against top teams, two light practices and school.

It is very important that you be very disciplined this week.

Disciplined with your time.

Disciplined with your academics.

Disciplined with your preparation.

Disciplined with your phones.

Disciplined with you nutrition.

Disciplined with your hydration.

Disciplined with your bodies.

Disciplined with you SLEEP!

This is not the week to be out running around, going places, and doing things. This is a very difficult week in terms of the mental and physical.

Parents- Please have conversations and remind your Lady Rangers about the importance of these aspects of their athletic and academic lives.

Lady Rangers sleeping for 30 minutes on a bus ride is not the same as sleeping 8 hours in your bed. AND YES! you need to turn your phones over and your notifications office and let your minds and bodies rest. Please drink lots and lots of water this week. Not just on Game days. What you do Today is just as important as what you do on Game day.

Lack of sleep, - can lead to poor performances.

Lack of hydration - can lead to cramps, loss of energy, and poor performances.

Lack of proper Nutrition - can lead to poor performances.

We all know what decisions we SHOULD make, but too often we justify or talk ourselves out of making good decisions. I encourage all of you to make a Commitment to making good/disciplined decisions this week and see the positive effects it will have on each of you at the end of the week.

Week 1 is in the books and It's time to start week 2. We are off to a great start and let's keep building this momentum. It's going to be a great week!

Let's Go Lady Rangers!

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