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Lady Ranger Round Up Week of Mar. 21-24

Week in Review-

Our Season ended on the Friday Night before Spring Break. It all felt so sudden after such a great season.

Varsity missed the post season by 1 point and finished 5th in District on 18 points.

So very proud of how this team competed all season long. So much growth and confidence. Amazing to think that the only teams we played this season that did not make the playoffs were Rudder, Manor, McNeil, and Cedar Ridge. To finish the season with a winning record in one of the toughest Central Texas Districts is quite an accomplishment.

Weekly Schedule

Monday - No School

Tuesday - Senior Equipment Turn In

Wednesday- Junior Equipment Turn In

Thursday - Sophomore Equipment Turn In

Friday- Freshmen Equipment Turn In


If anything was lost, missing, or damaged (beyond normal wear and tear) then Lady Rangers will be responsible for the replacement cost of those items which are damaged or missing.

List of Items with Replacement Cost to be returned:

(V) Parkas- Grey $250

(JV) Parkas- Black $ 200

(JV) Grey BPs $57

(V) Red BPs $57

Red Jackets $30

(V) Rain Jackets $50

(V) Red Hooded Training Tops $62

(V) Red LS Pregame Tops $47

(JV) Black 1/4 Zip $52

Black Pants $52

(V) Black Practice Shorts $42

(V) Red Practice Shorts $42

Grey Nike Crew Sweat Shirts $40

Training Bibs $12

Varsity Uniforms

White Top $62

White Shorts $47

White Socks $12

Red Tops $62

Red Shorts $47

Red Sleeves $10

Black Tops $62

Black Shorts $47

Black Sleeves $10

Black Crew Socks $14

Compression Shirts $55

JV Uniforms

White Top $62

White Shorts $47

White Socks $12

Red SSTop $62

Red LS Top $62

Red Shorts $47

Red Socks $12

Black Tops $62

Black Shorts $47

Black Socks $12

Varsity Total per player if everything was missing- $1,164.00

JV Total per player if everything was missing- $868.00

We provide Quality Nike Equipment- Please make sure that everything is turned in this week, so that future teams may also enjoy these. I HAVE to wash everything before putting them in storage so it does not matter if it is clean or dirty, just make sure EVERYTHING is turned in.

End of Season Surveys


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