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Lady Ranger Roundup for November 14-18

A Note from Coach:

We are one week of training and then a week break for Thanksgiving and then the Season starts. The Monday following Thanksgiving break we will begin our mandatory practices after school. For the first 3 weeks of the season we will be practicing until (JV 4:15/Varsity 5:15). Due to our school starting earlier this year, and Atmos Gas tearing up one of our practice fields we will have different practice times this season. Because of the new school start time, the boys are unable to practice before school this year like they have been able to do in the past. That leaves us with 5 teams practicing on only 3 fields during the athletics period and after school. Additionally we have to schedule weight room times, and film times that don't overlap not only with the soccer teams, but with other in season and off season sports. I will get a calendar to you prior to the first day of practice so that you will know which field locations and times you will be practicing.

Please be flexible as things are often fluid and out of our control. Just know that it matters less on where we practice and more on how we practice. We control the things we have control over, like our effort, our focus, and our intensity. When we focus on those things all the others will take care of themselves. This is going to be a fantastic season, as long as we focus on the day at hand.

Weekly Schedule

Monday B-day, Black

Tuesday A-day Red

Wednesday B-day White

Thursday A-day Red

Friday B-day Black

There is some projected weather for Monday- Bring cleats and indoor shoes everyday as we never know how we may have to adjust our schedule.

Better to have it and not need it, Than to need it and not have it-

Always be prepared.

Booster Club News

We will have a Booster Club/Parent meeting on December 7th at 6 pm in the Small Study Hall (Just down the hall from the Big Study Hall)

Parent Meeting Agenda

- Current LISD/UIL Updates & Policies for Fans

-Ticketing Information


-Student transportation procedures for Away games

Booster Club Meeting Agenda

- Current Financial Update

- FanAngel Fundraiser

- Senior Night Reception

- Banquet planning

- Current/Future purchases

Lady Ranger Shout Outs

Did you know that our own Senior Margot Beacom has committed to Trine University? To Play Hockey in College! How exciting and Congratulations Margot!

Guess who else had a great week last week? Our own dual sport diamonds, Julia (JR) Ramsey & Brecken Rider took first place in doubles at their Tennis Tournament. Well Done Ladies! Super proud of all of you!

Community Service Opportunities

I hope you have gotten the same warm fuzzies from delivering your teacher notes, that they have gotten from receiving them. I love seeing the smiles in the pictures. But most of all, I love that you are making a difference in their lives the way they have had an impact on yours. Teaching is hard, and when you do things like this you are making a bigger difference than you realize. Keep up the amazing work Lady Rangers!

- Teacher note w/ a picture - Receive your Red Team Jacket

- 30 min of Service around Vista Ridge - Receive your Team Sweat Shirt

- 1 hour Community Service - Receive your Team Backpack.

Sponsor Spotlight

Thank you to Baby Aculpulcos for your Support of Lady Ranger Soccer

Small Group Meetups

Weekly Opportunities

- Young Life

- Tuesday Girls Basketball vs Hendrickson at Home

- Wednesday (Senior Meeting During Ranger Time)

- Friday Boys Basketball vs St. Michaels at home

- Summer Moon

- Tropical Smoothies

- Friendsgiving

Lady Rangers your Ol' coach is gonna brag a little. Please indulge some memory lane reminiscing for just a moment. Saturday night I was invited back to Duncanville HS, my Alma Mater, for a reunion of the 1991 Boys State Championship team. It's been over 30 years since I stepped foot on that campus. Life, school, jobs, and family lead me down a different path and the opportunity to be back on campus just never really came up. So as we all started arriving with our families it was nothing but smiles, and hugs, and "Man you're looking old. We laughed and and introduced our families, and after our families made their way to their seats, it was just us. Just the guys. And although there was some talk of, "do you remember this guy? and do you remember this game?", and every time, it was oh yes I remember that. But we never talked about the wins. We never talked about wining tournaments, or winning district, or even winning State. We talked about playing basketball in the gym during the summer. We talked about Mazzios pizza and going to Cheddars after the football games. We talked about teachers and friends. We talked about our lives. And we talked about our shared experiences. I've seen these guys in person once in 30 years. (Thank you Facebook for at least keeping us in touch) but as we talked, it was like we had just finished a Saturday morning practice. It was like we had just hung out with each other the night before. Our bonds will never be broken. These are not my best friends but they are the guys I spent my entire high school life with. We all had the same shared experience and we will forever be connected by that team. When we said our goodbyes at the end of the night it wasn't really good-bye, more like a c-ya later.

What I want you to know is this. There is going to come a time when there are no more practices, no more games, no more bus rides, no more hanging out after practice. There is going to come a day when those things cease to exist. It will be the "Last" time and you won't even realize it.

That is why our small group meet ups are so important to me and I want them to be important to you. In the end it's not the wins and losses that you are going to remember the most, it's the people, It's your teammates, and those are the bonds I want you to build and cherish for a lifetime.

So Keep sending me those small group pics. I want to get them up on the Bulletin Board.

And 30 years from this season When I'm 80 years old and still hollering "Get on the Line!" I want us to all get together again and celebrate what is going to happen this season and the experiences we shared and the bonds we've made.

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